About Dr. A.E. Daniel - Prison Suicide Expert Witness

Honors and Awards

Honors and Awards

Certificate of Award for scientific paper on Inmate Suicide Prevention from World Association of Social Psychiatry Conference in Kobe, Japan, October, 2004

Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association – 2007

Letter of Commendation from Missouri Department of Corrections for suicide research, 2003

CMS Star for superior performance, 2001

Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners – 1997

Member, Panel of Experts for Western District of Missouri – 1998

Recipient of DLN Murthi Rao Award for the best post-graduate student in Psychiatry, All India Institute of Mental Health, Bangalore, India – 1973

Recipient of award for the best second-year resident in Psychiatry, Missouri Institute of Psychiatry, St. Louis, Missouri – 1975